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Some of our impacts

  • The first provider of adapted textbooks and big print or audio format for the sight impaired pupils
  • The first Creative Education programme for deaf children where deaf children consolidate their curricular knowledge through manual, crafts and sign language activities
  • The first Romanian Sign Language Course reaching 600 families with deaf children around the country including 300 professionals, public authorities, schools, hospitals, volunteers who have entry level knowledge in Romanian Sign language
  • The first orientation and Mobility for Sight Impaired Course now includes 100 teachers in training and 250 families with Sight Impaired Children learned the basic skills on developing the space awareness abilities of their children affected by sight loss
  • Setting up the first Studios for Life skills and Independent Living in the schools of the Blind of Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Tg Frumos
  • The first Guide dogs for the Blind programme

How to get involved

You can support our mission by actively participating to our cause

  • Become a Sponsor the guide dogs for the blind program for 1 year or long term
  • Donate equipment (copy machines, computers, DVD players), toys, furniture, etc
  • Sponsor specific activities (weekend trips, school renovations, etc)
  • Support one or more families with deaf or blind children – they need emotional support and friendship
  • Employ or train young graduates with sight or hearing loss in your companies
  • Make your working space accessible to people with sight or hearing loss

A volunteer is a person who believes that people can make a difference and is willing to prove it. Volunteering is not real work unless you would rather be doing something else. By caring and contributing to change, volunteers decrease suffering and disparity while they gain skills, self-esteem and change their lives. People work to improve the lives of their neighbours and in return enhance their own.

Light into Europe is deeply grateful to all volunteers that over the years have been giving a hand and we continue to rely greatly on volunteers to add to the success of our organization. We require volunteers in all geographical areas of the country for our activities with the sight impaired or the hearing impaired children and their families.


Working to achieve the fundamental human rights and the daily needs, of education, life skills and independence. Led by the essential needs of our Beneficiaries, we offer practical and personal services with long-term benefits, such as educational support, accessible environment, living independently and productively; having a social life; travel; seeking employment or maintaining a career; enjoying recreational sports and games; in short, leading a normal life.

Our  team creates individual plans of support for families to enhance the abilities and skills of each sensory impaired child we work with for achieving full life potential in later life.

We also promote their fundamental rights and increase awareness of them in the community.
We produce individual textbooks and other educational materials in specific formats to children and young people with sensory impairments: big print, Braille, or audio for the sight impaired/blind and sign language or deaf friendly textbooks and courses for the deaf children
Independent living addresses the need of each person living with sight or hearing loss to live an independent and fulfilling life just as any other person does. Any person with sensory impairment is able to join in the social and professional life if provided with accessible resources, abilities and contexts. The abilities to live independently are attainable from early years, when we can develop contexts that reinforce such behaviour and attitudes and enable children with sight or hearing impairments to deal with all kinds of life experiences.

We work with:
  • Individual beneficiaries and their families to develop skills and attitudes of independence
  • Teachers of the sensory impaired to update methods and practical techniques of teaching independent living skills
  • Schools,  in setting up independent living skills studios where children can learn in a safe and accessible environment the different types of abilities necessary in day by day: kitchen skills, taking care of themselves, spatial and temporal abilities, health, organizing & planning, budget & money, social skills.
Our team gives the families of children with visual or hearing impairment emotional and practical support, advice and information to empower and help them to make informed choices covering a wide range of topics and issues to do with sensory impairments. We also advise and work with and train other professionals and organisations.
A guide dog is specially trained to accompany and enable a vision impaired person to move about safely, independently and with confidence. The working relationship between a guide dog and its owner is unique and it offers both social and emotional benefits. Guide dogs support their partners by negotiating obstacles such as stopping when there's a change in surface level such as a kerb or set of stairs, locating doors, seats, pedestrian buttons at traffic lights and locating the destinations that their partner uses regularly.

The difference you can make by donating

10€The cost of the first level Romanian Sign Language DVD course which provides families with deaf children the tool to effectively communicate with their children and develop their confidence in their potential
20€Would provide essential training to a family with a Visually or Hearing Impaired child
20€Is the cost of a tactile book that enables a Blind or Sight impaired child to develop essential skills
25€Is the cost of a white stick
50€Provides an adapted textbook for a sight impaired pupil
100€is the average  cost of a lamp or a magnifier donated to a Visually impaired to be able to read
3.000€Would cover the annual cost of a Guide dog that provides vital independence and freedom of movement to a Blind Person
Search the web and raise money for Light into Europe

You can donate online at our Just Giving account or through everyclick. If you can make it your default search engine we will receive donations every time you search something online.

Bank payments

In Romania

Fundatia Light into Europe

IBAN: RO59 RZBR 0000 0600 1688 7322 (LEI)

Raiffeisen Bank, Bucharest

In the UK

Light into Europe Charity

IBAN: GB17 BARC 202173 20690783

Barclays Bank PLC

Aditionally, In Romania, you can direct your 2% of your taxes to "Fundatia Light into Europe". You can find instructions on our documents page.

We also welcome you to stop by our Resource Centre during business hours to view our hand made craft products or to make donations in kind or through sponsorship contracts.

Thank you for your support